Sales experience of a Fortune 500 company Why did the company Motorola Solutions turn to us for support in developing sales network? What did they want for the participants of the program to receive in order to increase sales and what solutions did we use and develop for them? READ MORE Skills that make an impact You believe that public appearance is important for you and your job? Find out why certain clients gave us their trust and what benefits from presentation skills they still have today, regardless of their workplace. READ MORE Human aspect in the online world Today more and more businesses are managed and closed online. Find out why, how and what we can do to empower you, your team and your business. READ MORE To be the first and the last = a Leader! Many researches confirm that one of the main influences on employee satisfaction is their communication with middle and high management. We’ve picked out what skills and knowledge should a good leader possess in our program for leaders. READ MORE Unlock your own and your business’s potential The way we think establishes and affects everything we do. Understanding how our brain affects our way of thinking empowers us to better set and communicate our business and private goals. Do you want to unlock your brain’s potential? READ MORE A perfect edition for the spotlights! How often do you find yourself in front of a camera? Some almost every day, in front of a computer camera, mobile phone or professional cameras. Do you want to present yourself, your team, project and/or organization in the best possible way, regardless of the target audience? READ MORE Why and how to take care of employees? If people are a valuable resource to you, then you know why it’s important for employees to feel good at work. How to find out which environment suits your employees best, what motivates them and what values they live by? We have the answer to all three questions. READ MORE
Why do we exist?
  • To empower.
  • To give a different perspective on ourselves, others and our environment.
  • To create the “Eureka” moment which consequently leads to positive changes.
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Organization development

Communication skills
Sales skills
NBI, QC, 7bits

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Business promotion

Crisis communication
A/V Production and photo content
Organizing and moderating corporate events

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Corporate health

Stress management
Recreation programes
Balanced nutrition plan

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